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Perfect standing workstation
Standing workstations have become vastly more common during the past years in both office buildings and home offices.  However, it isn’t all the same what the standing workstation is like. But how to build a perfect standing workstation? What to take into consideration?
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Work/life balance
Balance is an important thing to have both literally and figuratively. Physical balance is key in our everyday life, but it is also very important to have balance between work and free time. It is summer holiday season so it’s a perfect time to pay attention to the importance of free time, relaxing and recovery. Holiday shouldn’t be about recovering from work; it should be about enjoying the free time. Balance between work and leisure is something we should have on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Easier said than done but here are a few pointers that could help.
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Prolonged sitting
I think on some level all of us know that if you sit for too long it's not good for your health – it's common sense, everybody knows it. But how much actually is too long? What happens in your body and why should you avoid sitting for too long periods? I hope this blog post will give you some clarification on this.
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