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Neck pain and tension headache in office work

Neck pain and tension headache are something that too many office workers are quite too familiar with. Every now and then you roll your shoulders, stretch your aching neck and your fingers find themselves rubbing temples. Sounds familiar? As a reward from all the conscientious effort and diligent focus on your work you get stiff shoulders, neck pain and a headache. But how to ease and prevent neck pain and tension headache?

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Perfect standing workstation
Standing workstations have become vastly more common during the past years in both office buildings and home offices.  However, it isn’t all the same what the standing workstation is like. But how to build a perfect standing workstation? What to take into consideration?
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Work/life balance
Balance is an important thing to have both literally and figuratively. Physical balance is key in our everyday life, but it is also very important to have balance between work and free time. It is summer holiday season so it’s a perfect time to pay attention to the importance of free time, relaxing and recovery. Holiday shouldn’t be about recovering from work; it should be about enjoying the free time. Balance between work and leisure is something we should have on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Easier said than done but here are a few pointers that could help.
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