How to use the Gymba Activation Board

The multi-function Gymba Activation Board does it all: first and foremost it's an office furniture but also a balance board, a twist board, an exercise board, a calf stretcher, a motion board and therapeutic foot massager all-in-one.

Get started in using activation board

Make sure you have a height-adjustable desk or other aid to help you maintain an ergonomic posture. At first you may feel that standing on the Gymba board is distracting you from your work but your body will quickly get used to it.

Keeping your body active and varying your working posture throughout the day is essential for your health. The Gymba board is an excellent option for achieving this. However, make sure to increase your time on the board gradually by starting with, for example, 10 minutes per hour. Although it may not seem like much exercise, using the Gymba board activates several muscles in the body and can initially cause muscle soreness and tightness before the body gets used to the board.

Thanks to the patented cross flexibility you can perform a walk-like movement and walk while standing. In this position you can also execute a wide variety of rocking and twisting motions.

For being a balance board of sorts The Gymba Activation Board is suprisingly stable which allows you to completely focus for working when needed without requiring actual balancing.

Exercise and relax

Place the board under your back and use it for an abdominal muscle workout, or you can relax by lying on the board in a supine position, giving your back and thoracic vertebrae a much-needed stretch.

You can also use the Gymba Activation Board as an exercise board for a full workout.

Massage Balls

Your feet carry the weight of your entire body so give them a relaxing treatment using the Gymba Massage Balls. The grey massage ball is slightly softer, and the black massage ball is harder. Start off slowly with the softer ball and increase pressure gradually.

The massage balls are removable, so you can place them on the board anywhere you wish. For a more precise massage use one ball, and if you wish to massage a larger area place two balls side-by-side. The best massage effect is obtained when using this feature without shoes on.