GYMBA laptop stand
GYMBA laptop stand
GYMBA laptop stand
GYMBA laptop stand
GYMBA laptop stand

GYMBA laptop stand

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Gymba laptop stand is a practical and ergonomic addition to your workstation. With the stand you can lift the screen to an ergonomic height which helps keeping a good posture and reduces the stress on your eyes and neck. Gymba laptop stand is adjustable with two different angles providing the possibility to find the most optimal position.

Gymba laptop stand is sturdy even with a 17” laptop but thanks to its light and compact design it’s easy to take with and use for example in a train. The open design guarantees a good air flow for the laptop.

Studies show that good ergonomics improve efficiency. Maximize your capacity and productivity by using the Gymba laptop stand together with Gymba activation board.

  • Universal stand for 10”-17” laptops
  • Adjustable with two different angles
  • Light, easy to dismantle and take with
  • Better ventilation
  • w:22cm (7,9 in), l: 25cm (9,8 in), h: 10,5cm (14,1 in)
  • Max weight 5kg
  • Ecological
  • 100% recyclabe
  • Made in Finland
  • Manufacturer’s warranty 5 years