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Use the Gymba Activation Board to get your daily steps while working. Because of its cross-flexibility, you can walk while standing.

Find out the ideal daily step count and how to use a Gymba board to meet your goals effortlessly during work hours, freeing up more family time.

Staying active is crucial for maintaining good health, especially if you spend most of your day sitting. Walking is one of the simplest ways to do it. But how many steps should you take per day? You might have heard that the widely recommended target is 10,000 steps, but do you know why and how you can achieve this even during office hours ? Let's dive into the details, and discover some practical tips to help you get moving and to achieve your step goals.

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How can the Gymba activation board be part of a healthier tomorrow?

Do you do office work? Are you seeking a change towards a more active and healthier lifestyle? In our previous blog, we discussed lifestyle change and its most common challenges.

Whether the goal of your lifestyle change is better physical condition, weight loss, reduction of body pains or their prevention, using the Gymba Activation Board supports you to achieve them.

Read also Jari Saario's inspiring story of reaching goals, when he rowed twice across the Atlantic.

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Why is it so hard to stick to lifestyle changes?

New year, new me! Sound familiar? Many of us tend to make New Year's resolutions - often related in some way to changing lifestyles or self-improvement. If the goal is to make a far-reaching change and not just "January without treats"type of thing, then according to studies, only a small percentage of people are able to stick to the changes without a clear and goal-oriented plan.

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Posture – how does it affect your well-being? Part 2
In the previous blog about posture (you can read it here), I talked about posture mainly on a general level: what aspects of well-being it affects, and how problems caused by bad posture could be prevented. This blog post goes a little deeper into what specifically working in an office, in front of a computer screen, does to posture. Also for this blog like for the previous post about posture, I have interviewed the long-term physiotherapist Malla Helenius, who always tries to dig deeper in her work and focus not only on the symptoms but also on their causes. Over the years, Malla has noticed how many problems are caused by things related to posture – to me it was almost confusing what all posture affects! In this blog, I will also tell about my experience in Malla's posture check and Malla's view on the effect of the Gymba® Board on posture.
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A perfect home office – what do you need?
Summer holiday season is over and once again it’s time to return to offices and home offices. After a small break many of us look at our working spaces with new eyes and want to make esthetic or ergonomic changes. Quite large part of office workers works either entirely or partly from home office. In this blog I will give you tips on how to maintain and improve well-being when working remotely, specifically from the ergonomic perspective. Remote work is has come to stay but the laws about employer’s responsibilities of taking care of the home office’s ergonomics aren’t unambiguous so that quite typically falls on the employees. 
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