Get health benefits using activation board

Gymba Activation Board is a patented Finnish innovation that has many scientifically proven health benefits. It changes standing from static to dynamic boosting your metabolism, strengthening core muscles and posture, reducing joint pain and inflammation, and even improves you mood
– all without interrupting your work.

Dynamic Standing

We all know that sitting for hours on end is bad for your health. But just as well standing for prolonged periods of time can be harmful if it is static and result in the pooling of blood in the lower extremities and soreness in the feet and low back. Gymba Activation Board keeps your body active – even when you are not actively moving – and it adapts to the body's natural need to move weight from side to side. Using the Gymba board improves blood circulation throughout the entire body and keeps joints lubricated and vertebrae oxygenated. This is dynamic standing.

Consumer test results

  • Less muscle pains and tensions
  • Correct posture stays better
  • Legs are not as tired
  • Blood circulation got more efficient and standing resting heart rate decreased average 4,5 beats on the test group
  • Gymba is surprisingly stable and it enables normal working
  • Gymba has a positive effect on the progression of a working day.
  • Especially ankles, calves andd buttock become more elastic.
  • Working by using Gymba standing activation board is more pleasant than standing on a hard surface

    Muscle Activity

    The research shows that muscle activity variability was largely comparable during walking and Gymba use. Using Gymba during office work may therefore promote metabolic health, while mitigating the musculoskeletal risks associated with prolonged sitting and standing.

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