Walk While Standing

Gymba - stay active during the work-day

Health benefits

The Gymba Activation Board has so many scientifically proven health benefits that once you've stepped on it you don't want to live without it!

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How to use

The Gymba Activation Board is a versatile and ideal accompaniment for standing desk users but it can be used even for exercising!

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About us

Our mission is to bring balance – activity and well-being – into your life. We believe that using the Gymba Activation Board will increase your quality of life.

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A revolutionary board

Takes office ergonomics to the next level

Improve your well-being

feel the difference

An Ecologic Solution

The Gymba products are made of biocomposite (30% cellulose, 70% PP) and is fully recyclable. The products are manufactured in Finland and are designed to last years after years.

A practical
laptop stand

light and compact

For work and
for leisure

For your well-being

Don't take our word for it


I found using the board very relieving: now standing up does not make my feet and legs get tired. A recommend the board sincerely.




All of a sudden standing up became the preferred position, and for the first time I was able to really work standing up because of the small continuous movement Gymba allows me to do.




A superb product for office work. It activates all of the muscles from waist down. It refreshes the work day.




Once I started to use the board, standing while working has become much more pleasant. My feet don't ache anymore and the Gymba board helps me to stay active during the workday.




I wouldn't survive anymore without my Gymba board!



Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)Gymba® Massage BallsGymba® Laptop Stand 3in1

Gymba Products

The Gymba products are designed to increase your office ergonomics and your well-being in general. Get familiar with the products:

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award winner balance board for office ergonomics and exercising