Gymba Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)

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Gymba is an ecologically made activation board which greatly improves work ergonomics. Gymba is made in Finland and has a patented cross flexibility which makes it unlike any other activation or balance board on the market.

This patented cross flexibility of the board allows for a walk like movement, changing standing from static to dynamic. Just stand on the board and let its unique walking feature help you stay active.

  • Patented cross flexibility – walking while standing!
  • Increases leg muscle activity
  • Boosts blood circulation
  • Inc. 2 massage balls to improve circulation in your feet
  • Burn more calories
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Manufacturer breakage warranty 5 years
  • Made in FINLAND

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Ossi P.
Finland Finland
Not impressed

Been using the Gymba Activation Board for over a month now and it does provide an alternative to a basic standing mat, but it's harder on the legs. My knees feel a lot more strained than with the board, as well as my soles. I don't use shoes inside my home, so standing on the board with bare feet can be a little more stressful than with shoes on. I can't really attest to the claim that you'll always be shifting your position with the board. I can easily stand perfectly still with it, but as I said, it strains my legs. The board is not as firm as I hoped. It's basically just plastic that can easily bend under you and you can bend it in any corner you like, or you can just use it as a hard mat under your feet that stays still. You are more likely to change your position simply because of the discomfort in your legs. Can't say that I'm that impressed with it. My lower back feels just as strained as with a regular standing mat, but my feet are more strained.

Linda B.
Finland Finland

I highly recommend Gymba. It has really improved my daily working life, eased the backpain and while using it is easy to stand the whole day. I would not survive nomore without Gymba when I have used it now every day when working already months.

Eeva M.
Finland Finland
I think this will be succes

I haven't had lot's of time to use this yet, but it feels good. It keeps my posture straight when I stand at my desk and also my feet feels better when standing whit board!

Laura P.
Finland Finland
Great for work day activation

Gymba makes my days more active and I can stand for hours on it without getting back pain and being able to focus for a longer time than while sitting. Easy to use for standing and when you turn it around, lovely calf stretch and base for deep squats. I recommend this to all who need small activation for work days. :)

Salla P.
Finland Finland
Hyvä ostos

Paras kokeilemistani tasapainolaudoista. Kahdensuuntainen liike on mukava seisten työskennelllessä ja samalla asento on rennompi kun perinteisissä laudoissa. Suosittelen


Gymba® Massage Balls

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Gymba® massage balls give you stimulating foot massage and increases circulation throught the entire body.

Use it without your shoes for a deeper massage. Position the massage balls in the groove of the Gymba board.

With 2 types of softnesses on the spikey massage balls. Begin with the soft one and switch to the other one once your foot gets adjusted.