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Raising the children and youth back on their feet - literally

The declining Cooper-test results of the young people doing Finnish military service is a concerning indication of the ever lowering physical fitness of the Finnish youth. As harmless as this may sound to some, the issue is lot bigger. The costs associated to low physical activity to the Finnish society  are estimated not be in millions, but in billions. The issue is not just the physical, but also the mental health of the youth. In this blog I will discuss some of the latest results in the field and aim to provide some practical suggestions to improve worrisome situation.

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Standing mat vs. Gymba board

If you’re trying to find a solution to bring variation to your positions during your day at the office and to make standing work more pleasant, you’ve probably come across standing mats and different kinds of boards. There are lots of options for standing and antifatigue mats on the market and also more and more different kinds of balance boards that are suitable for standing work. Because Gymba board is in its own league what comes to standing desk balance boards, we’ll publish later on an article concentrating to the differences between Gymba board and other balance boards. But this article however is focusing comparing Gymba board and standing mats providing also a chart of their features.

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Neck pain and tension headache in office work

Neck pain and tension headache are something that too many office workers are quite too familiar with. Every now and then you roll your shoulders, stretch your aching neck and your fingers find themselves rubbing temples. Sounds familiar? As a reward from all the conscientious effort and diligent focus on your work you get stiff shoulders, neck pain and a headache. But how to ease and prevent neck pain and tension headache?

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