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Posture – how does it affect your well-being? Part 2
In the previous blog about posture (you can read it here), I talked about posture mainly on a general level: what aspects of well-being it affects, and how problems caused by bad posture could be prevented. This blog post goes a little deeper into what specifically working in an office, in front of a computer screen, does to posture. Also for this blog like for the previous post about posture, I have interviewed the long-term physiotherapist Malla Helenius, who always tries to dig deeper in her work and focus not only on the symptoms but also on their causes. Over the years, Malla has noticed how many problems are caused by things related to posture – to me it was almost confusing what all posture affects! In this blog, I will also tell about my experience in Malla's posture check and Malla's view on the effect of the Gymba® Board on posture.
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Take care of your brain

International Brain awareness week made me remember how important it is to take care of our brain and how comprehensively the well-being of our brain affects everything in our lives. I have been concerned about the increasing use of digital devices and what it does to our brain. Brain researcher, Riitta Hari, has said that a person and their brain need company. But if – and when – the physical encounters and interactions continue to decrease how all this will affect the health of our brain and overall well-being?

Another important topic for me is exercise and its effect on the brain. As a mother and as someone who used to work in the field of early childhood education, I think about all this especially from the children's point of view; what kind of example do we set for our children, and how could we protect them when we know that exercise is most important as a child when brain development is at its most active. Of course, the brain can and should be improved throughout life, but the foundation of brain health is built during childhood.

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Work/life balance
Balance is an important thing to have both literally and figuratively. Physical balance is key in our everyday life, but it is also very important to have balance between work and free time. It is summer holiday season so it’s a perfect time to pay attention to the importance of free time, relaxing and recovery. Holiday shouldn’t be about recovering from work; it should be about enjoying the free time. Balance between work and leisure is something we should have on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis. Easier said than done but here are a few pointers that could help.
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