The trust of our customers and users of our site is important to us. 

This Privacy Statement explains how we collect, use, and protect your privacy and the information you provide to GYMBA Oy or when using our GYMBAstore services. 

The requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation for the protection and use of personal data work for the benefit of users and consumers as well as businesses and service providers. 


Name of the register: Gymba Oy GYMBAstore asiakas- ja markkinointirekisteri 
Person responsible for the register: Hanna Pölönen 
Company: GYMBA Oy Business ID: 2087940-3
Address: Hyväriläntie 5, 80260 Joensuu, FINLAND 
Email: info@gymba.fi 
Phone: +358 41 3154141

Data protection and register 

We collect information about visitors to our websites and services, about people who join our mailing lists, and through interactions that occur through the emails we send. 

We use the information we collect when planning and implementing our marketing and customer communications. 

The data resides in secure server environments that require login and authentication. The data may be processed outside the EU under the Privacy Shield Agreement, or equivalent. GYMBA Oy does not sell or pass on user data.

You can check your information at any time. You may request to delete your information or correct your information by sending an email to mailto: info@gymba.fi.



Purpose and grounds for processing personal data: 

Website and Services 

We collect information about your use of our website and services. For website visitors, the reason for processing is the legitimate interest of the processor. The data is needed to monitor and compile usage of our website, to control and measure advertising, and to provide services on our website. With the information we collect, we can develop our content and services to meet the needs of our users better. 

In addition to GYMBA Oy's cookies, the website uses cookies from online services such as Shopify, Google, and Facebook. These cookies are used to measure website usage and target marketing. You can disable cookies in your browser settings. You can read more about the use of cookies, for example, in this Wikipedia description of how cookies work. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie 

GYMBA Oy cannot identify individual users based on information collected about the use of the website. Therefore, we are unable to provide information about the pages viewed by a single user, the time spent on the site, or other metrics. 

Mailing Lists, email address, post address and telephone number

The processing of email list information is based on the consent of the person who joined the list. Each person joins the list themselves and can leave the list on their own. Data is retained for email lists as long as the person is a subscriber to the email list. 

Email addresses are collected on our website and in our online store when joining the email list. We also ask for contact information in connection with registrations, orders, inquiries, draws, and competitions directly from users at various trade fairs and other events.

The email register does not contain any personal information other than the person's name, email, telephone number and post address. To deliver product orders, we ask for a mailing address and telephone number for orders. Data may be collected in connection with various competitions and campaigns with marketing permission choices. 

Email addresses are used to send GYMBA Oy's emails. The emails we send contain editorial content, tips, newsletters, and advertising. 

We restrict requests to view and change email list information to be sent via email. A request from a person's email address is the only way to verify that the person requesting the information is the owner of the email account.

You can also cancel our news and marketing newsletter at any time by clicking on the link in the email footer. 

Social media 

We have access to follower information for some of our accounts. Companies that offer social media platforms, such as Facebook, maintain follower information in their own services.   


Thank you for your trust, and we hope you have a healthier life with GYMBA board!