How to boost your metabolism while working in office?

How to boost your metabolism while working in office?

Metabolism slows down dramatically while we stay still. Getting enough exercise and maintaining healthy level of metabolism is difficult especially for those who work in office. This blog is written to all those who work in office or spends a proportion of your day behind desk. The goal of this blog is twofold

  1. To highlight the significance that even small increase of exercise has for your health and metabolism.
  2. To provide practical steps how you can increase physical activity while working in office environment.

Why is it important to boost your metabolism?

Well-being requires enough exercises, rest and nutrient-dense food. For those who work in office the amount of physical activity is low during the work day. It has been shown that while sitting, the energy consumption of our biggest muscles drop almost to the same level as in sleep. As a result, metabolism experiences a dramatic slowing down. The research has also shown that singular longer physical activity after the work day does not compensate the damage accumulated if we remain passive during the workday. But it eventually result in weight gain and poorer physical fitness. More of the adverse effects of sitting you can read from here.

5 steps to boost and maintain healthy level of metabolism:

  1. Set alarm on your phone that reminds you to take small breaks.
  2. Don’t keep your water bottle within the reach of hand, but enough far so that you have to move to get it.
  3. Boost your metabolism by activating your muscles by incorporating some of the following exercises whenever you move around.

                      10 x squats

                      10 x arm circles

                      10 x shadow boxing

                      2-3 stretches of your choise

  1. Find more good exercise tips from internet
  2. Elevate your desk to standing position and do some of the work while standing.

Personalize these breaks as fitting to you. Start first with small changes that you can keep doing. Success completion of small changes encourages you to keep going.

Gymba activation board is a powerful tool to boost and maintain healthy metabolism

Standing while working is good change for sitting, but passive standing doesn’t boost your metabolism in any significant way. Gymba activation board has been designed to help you to stay active in office environment and boost your metabolism through muscle activation. The Gymba board is stable, and doesn’t require active balancing to stay on it. It allows you to stay concertrated on work. But the curved design and flexibility allows you to move from one side to another activating your core and boosting your metabolism. If you wish, you can increase activity and metabolism by doing a walk-like movement. This is possible because of the designed cross flexibility of the board. The muscle activation measurement (see the video here) has shown that pacing on Gymba Board activates the legs and glutes as much as actual walking. This is good news for your metabolism. Gymba Board helps active the large muscles often enough.

How much walking burns calories and boosts metabolism?

The calorie consumption of individual varies based on gender and weight, as well as on the intensity of the walking. Here is a chart about the calories consumption of walking for a woman about 35 years old, who is 165cm tall and weighs 70kg.


5 min.

17 kcal

10 min.

34 kcal

15 min.

51 kcal

30 min.

102 kcal

1 hr

203 kcal

2 hrs

407 kcal

3 hrs

610 kcal

4 hrs.

814 kcal



Adding walking into your daily life is the easiest and most affordable way to boost your metabolism. As much as we are all responsible for our own health, we all know the power that is in doing things together. We tend to stay more committed when we are doing things together. It is good to remind the employer about the solutions that are available to support ergonomics and health at the work place. 

Tips to improve physical activity and boost metabolism together

  • plan some remote meetings to be held while walking
  • make a decision together that it is not required to sit in all the meetings, but that it is even recommendable to stand. Stand up together every now and then. In the long meetings add some breaks for physical activities.
  • Furnish the office in a way that improve ergonomics and enable physical activity.