About us – Gymba story

Gymba Ab är ett finländskt familjeföretag med missionen att skapa balans – aktivitet och välbefinnande – i ditt liv. När du använder Gymba-brädet aktiverar du kroppen samtidigt som du förbättrar din energinivå och åstadkommer mer. Vi hoppas det bidrar till att ge dig tid och energi för saker som är viktiga för dig och som förbättrar din livskvalitet.

Berättelsen bakom Gymba Aktiveringsbräde

I slutet av 2011 var företagets grundare Jarmo Pölönen i färd med att utveckla ett bågformat element i plywood. För att testa brädets tålighet ställde sig Jarmo på den inåtböjda sidan. Efter en stund slogs han av en tanke: brädet skulle kunna fungera som idrottsredskap. Till en början hade Jarmo äldre och människor i behov av fysioterapi i åtanke. Det var fysioterapistuderande som fick de första prototyperna för Gymba-brädet, och i och med deras uppmuntrande respons fortsatte produktutvecklingen.

In 2013 there were more and more research data and discussion in the media about the risks of sitting and the sale of height adjustable desks increased. The problem was that even though the popularity of standing desks increased they eventually ended up being unused because standing on a hard surface or static standing in general feels so uncomfortable. There had to be a better solution to get people to utilize the standing desks. And so the decision was made to focus on improving office ergonomics.

There are quite often headlines and discussions about enviromental issues, and sustainable development is an important value for us. We wanted to present a product that was both environmental and sustainable which is why we decided to use biocomposite as the material. Our ideology is that when used in the right way you'll need to buy each product only once – unless you want to spread the joy and buy them for others of course. And if so happens that the board breaks down anyway the material is fully recyclable.
Thanks to the designer Heikki Koivurova the Gymba Activation Board got the design it has today. And then it was time to think what the board would be called as. There are many kind of boards on the market: balance boards, twist boards, motion boards, exercise boards etc. But all of those labels would narrow down the functions the Gymba board provides. So we launched the term Activation Board because we figured it describes best what the board does and what it was made for: it brings more activity into offices by getting people to stand up more and by changing standing from passive to active – from static to dynamic.
The sales of the Gymba Activation Board started in Finland in 2015. Since then the board has been internationally awarded and today the Gymba Activation Board has retailers on four continents.

Jarmo Pölönen

Head of product

Hanna Pölönen

Development manager

Heidi Välimäki

International sales manager