How can the Gymba activation board be part of a healthier tomorrow?

How can the Gymba activation board be part of a healthier tomorrow?

Do you do office work? Are you seeking a change towards a more active and healthier lifestyle? In our previous blog, we discussed lifestyle change and its most common challenges. 

Whether the goal of your lifestyle change is better physical condition, weight loss, reduction of body pains or their prevention, using the Gymba activation board supports you to achieve them. 

Taking a break from sitting is a good thing in itself already. The Gymba activation board enables light exercise while standing. It keeps your metabolism active, which is of great importance in weight loss. Standing on the board not only invigorates the blood circulation in the legs, but also activates the muscles in many ways. In addition to the muscles of the lower limbs, using the Gymba board activates the deep muscles of the core, which plays a significant role both in maintaining good posture and in the treatment and prevention of back problems. 

If you are not an active exerciser, start using the Gymba board moderately, and break it up into, for example, 10–15-minute intervals. 

Jari Saario's story of reaching goals: How I rowed twice across the Atlantic 

When Jari Saario, a firefighter and ocean rower, had his dream of rowing across the Atlantic, a six-year journey began, during which he encountered countless adversities, before the boat was finally launched in Gran Canaria on January 23 in 2023. During 2023, Saario rowed across the Atlantic Ocean first from Europe to the Caribbean and then from Canada to Europe. 

The first problem was insufficient resources - the trip was financially enormously expensive. The boat itself had countless defects and flaws that, however, could no longer be repaired within the schedule.  

Jari had already been involved in a lot of things before and he was used to possible twists and turns on the way. He had learned to tolerate disappointments, and to go through difficulties with his positive attitude. As the launching day approached, he got a proposal to meet with a lifestyle coach. Jari had his doubts about it, he saw it unlikely useful for him, but decided to take a chance anyway. Afterwards, he understood how wrong he was. The conversations with the lifestyle coach became important to him, and thanks to them, he was even more ready to endure and face the challenges ahead and the stress caused by them. 

Even during rowing, things did not go as planned. Jari encountered a lot of technical problems, the defects and flaws of the boat made rowing challenging, and the regulations in different countries and the situations caused by them had not been foreseen.

Even though he was in good physical shape, his body had to be stretched to its limits. Before the wild rowing trip, it was calculated that Jari consumed approx. 6000 kcal per day. However, he said that he received 1500 kcal of nutrition on the best days and only 500 kcal on the worst days. Saario's weight dropped - he left for the trip at 104 kg and returned at 79 kg.  
Sometimes there were many stormy days in a row, and as a result, eating or sleeping wasn’t possible. Jari also suffered from constant hypothermia.  

Jari arrived in Antigua at the end of March after rowing about 5,000 kilometers. 

The strong support of his family and loved ones was of the utmost importance to Jari, and with their help, the journey towards his dream continued through all the adversities. During the rowing, social media literally exploded - Jari's rowing was followed closely and he received a huge number of encouraging messages from his followers. With this support, Jari felt like he couldn't pass up the return trip, even though he had been warned about the North Atlantic being wild and unpredictable in the wintertime. The thrilling return trip that started in June from the east coast of Canada ended in Cuxhaven, Germany in October 2023. 

When listening to Jari, true humility emerges. Life puts you through many kinds of challenges and adversities. You shouldn't take anything for granted, but approach what life offers with gratitude and humility - even when it doesn't offer its best. When faced with challenges, it's important to let out the feelings of anger and frustration, and then just let them go and move on. When Jari is asked if he has now achieved everything, his answer is clear: not at all. This was just another great stopover on the way and the journey continues. The next rowing project is already being planned.