Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)
Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)
Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)
Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)
Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)
Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)
Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)
Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)

Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)

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Gymba Activation board is specifically designed to improve office ergonomics although it has plenty of use outside the office as well! The Activation Board has a patented cross flexibility which allows a walk-like movement and makes it unlike any other board on the market. Just stand on the board and let its unique walking feature help you stay active!


  • Patented cross flexibility – walk while standing!
  • Helps maintain good posture
  • Prevents and reduces back pain
  • Increases leg muscle activity
  • Boosts metabolism and blood circulation
  • Includes 2 massage balls to improve circulation in your feet
  • Ecological: Made out of biocomposite and is 100% recyclable
  • Manufacturer breakage warranty 5 years
  • Made in FINLAND

No-risk guarantee

We are confident that you will become absolutely addicted to using your Gymba Activation Board. We want to encourage you to give it a try so we offer you a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on this product. If you’ve tried walking at your desk for thirty days and can’t feel the benefits, return it in gently used condition for a full refund.

Health Benefits

The Gymba Activation Board has so many scientifically proven health benefits that once you've stepped on it you don't want to live without it!

How to use

The Gymba Activation Board is a versatile and ideal accompaniment for standing desk users but it can be used even for exercising!

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Simon Butler
so good I bought two

Bought a Gymba board to use in the office at work late last year. So pleased that I bought another for the office at home. I stand for most of the time when working, and the gymba board makes standing more comfortable (especially on the concrete floors at work) and more fun.

Great product, loving using it

Since receiving my Gymba Activation Board a few days ago, I have spent most of my working at home time with my desk raised and me gently swaying on the board, marching in place and, when not on calls, doing a little dance here and there. I prefer using it with some sort of footwear on rather than barefoot or just with socks, and I’m not too sure about the massage balls yet. But overall I’m loving it, it’s bringing me great joy.

OK but not yet convinced

1 Seems a bit flimsy so worried it might break. Hope it doesn't.

2 Massage balls have different levels of hardness. Apparently this is intentional. Was offered the idea of buying another set but that would cost 15 eur (no issue) plus 14 eur transport (forget it).

Akseli V.
Good equipment for your home office, but it needs improvements

Gymba board is fun to use and it reliefs the muscle workload while standing, but board materials itself should be something else than hard plastic. This material is not confortable for long period of time when you're using socks or while standing on your barefoots. It seems board is designed for office use where people usually use shoes. I would like to see a new version for people at home office.

Jaakko Hassinen

Gymba® Activation Board (inc. 2 massage balls)